The second week of 2017 begins with a day off from running. A relaxing Monday where I have only an half hour of stretching. On Tuesday I run 12 km at recovery jog pace with my best running buddy: my dog Luna.

Maybe it’s because it’s a sunny day with chilly wind, but Luna is really excited. For the first 2 kilometers she runs like the wind. Fortunately she calms down and for the other 10 km she runs at a comfortable pace.

Gattone dal pelo morbidoAt the end of the running session, when we reach the car, we meet a new friend: a beautiful cat. Luna is not interested and jumps into the car, but I’m not so cold and I grant it a few caresses.

On Wednesday I run alone 15 km. In the first two third of the running session I run at an easy pace and in the last third at a steady pace.

On Thursday I have a rest day. In the evening I meet Ale and Davide to organize the next edition of Trail degli Eroi, but before discussing new ideas, we eat delicious spaghetti cooked by Ale, the cooking coach.

After the meeting when we are going back to home, we can see the first snow of the season. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to be at home that snow turns into rain.

Luna sleeping after running sessionLuna has never seen snow before, so on Friday we go running together. But on the trail there is only melting snow and despite Luna does not like wet soil, we run 15 km at an easy pace.

Saturday is a rest day, but I wake up inspired and I want to run. For this reason I go to the Euganean Hills to run the “giro della merla” that is a trail route created by iLupi Team.

I’m very happy because there is snow, but after few kilometers I learn what is glaze ice. Rocks, trails, grass, trees, everything is covered by ice and it’s not only impossible to run, but also to walk. Despite this situation, I reach the summit of Monte Venda and I have the opportunity to admire the view. The descending is a little bit easier, because there is less ice on trails.

On Sunday I take part in the trail-run organized by iRun Trail on the Berici hills. At 10 o’clock there are 40 trail runners ready to run on snowy trails.

It’s a pleasure to run with old and new friends and I enjoy the views from the Berici hills. My second running week of the 2017 end drinking a beer. The sum of the mileage I’ve run in this week is: 80km.