If the second week of the year was characterized by cold weather with frost everywhere; in this third week, wind was the leading actor.

As usual, my week starts with a rest day. Half hour of stretching and nothing more. The 17th of January is a special day for me: it is my birthday! Last year I celebrated this day with an eccentric trail running session. I decided to run as many kilometers as the years that I made. So it was a 29 kilometers trail running adventure.

30 bareteIn 2017 I turn 30 years old (or 30 barete* how we say in Venetian the Italian dialect from my region), but I celebrate with a 15 km progression run. I begin running at a slow easy pace and finish at a fast pace. I’ve never done this kind of workout before and I have to admit that it is really funny.

On the 18th January (the day after my birthday) I run 15 km at an easy pace with my running buddy Luna.

My third running week of 2017 ends on Wednesday. In the next days instead of running, I drink a lot of beer, because from Friday to Sunday I celebrate my birthday in Berlin with my friend Nico and my old friends that live in the capital of Germany.

*bareta (pl. barete) in Venetian could mean year (used to refer how many years someone has lived) or hat.