Ultrabericus Winter Trail

On the first week of the year, I came back running after 4 weeks off. Indeed my last run was on Sunday the 4th of December, when, on the occasion of the first edition of the Ultrabericus Winter, I sprained my right ankle.

In reality I made a first comeback on the Boxing Day, during the Marcia dea Brosema in Casalserugo, to test my ankle condition. Luckily I met Doc Nicola and with his advices, my ankle held up very well.

My main goal for 2017 is to run the Gozo ultratrail on the 6th of May. A beautiful trail run around the Mediterranean island of Gozo with a route of about 50km and 1400m of elevation. I would like to take part in this event since I’ve read about it a couple of years ago. In this 2017 there are all the conditions to be there.

I make my running comeback on the first day of the year, at the Winter Running in Teolo. I’m so sleepy, but at 9.31 am I’m on the road. It’s very cold, so I run fast to stay warm. In 1 hour and 6 minutes I finished my first trail run of the year, on really nice trails through the Euganean Hills.

The first week of January I’m on holiday and every runner knows that a holiday week is a running week. For this reason, on Monday, I take part of the “Monte Ricco mi ci ficco“, a self-managed trail run, organized by Sergio Marsotto (the Euganean Hills’ expert). Every week he creates an event on the T.E.T.T.E. trail nel mondo‘s Facebook group (Trail-Eco-Trosi-Tratturi-Euganei) and everyone is free to take part.

At 14 o’clock we are 8 participants ready to discover every Monte Ricco’s trail, a hill not so far from Arquà Petrarca.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I start my running plan, developed by coach Marco. The first training day it’s a 12km recovery jog in a cold, but sunny day. On Wednesday I have my first interval training: 10km easy run and then 6 times x 400m.

In this second day, my trusted shoes reach the 1.000 km mark. So in the afternoon it’s time for shopping and buy a new pair of running shoes at my favourite shop: 1/6 H in Ponte San Nicolò.

1000km con Saucony Zealot ISO

In the last 6 months I’ve enjoyed my Saucony Zealot ISO, so it’s hard to change. So I make a very little change, I stay update with the new model: Saucony Zealot ISO 2.

On the Three King’s Day I’m ready to run in my favourite route: Sentiero Atestino (where I celebrated my birthday on the 17th January of 2016).

The sun is shining in the blue sky and like on the previous days, it’s very cold! As usual I begin my trail run from the parking in Arquà Petrarca, but this time I have a little different route. I want to take a picture to the “sword in the stone” discovered on Monday and then I continue my run through the trails in the Euganean Hills.

I really enjoy all this running up and down and when I reach Villa Beatrice d’Este, it’s time to have a snack with a pair of delicious persimmons picked up from a tree inside the villa’s wall. I really like persimmons and I feel a little sad to see all that good things fallen to the ground.

Before the ending of the run, I have an extra challenge: climbing the infamous “Muro del Pianto” (the wailing wall). In this uphill there are two Strava segments: one in the first part (200m with 18% average gradient) and one in the whole uphill (1,3km with 13% average gradient).

In the last weeks, when I was unable to run, my friend Giovanni tried to beat my time on the whole uphill. So when I come to the foot of the slope, I run as fast as I can. The result is a new record on the first part of “Muro del Pianto”, I was 4 seconds faster than Giovanni, that in the meanwhile he was relaxing in Mexico.

On Sunday (or Runday for my runners’ friend) it’s even colder than the other days. I’m not really enthusiastic to have my interval training with -7 °C so I decide to wait until it’s a little bit warmer.

This is the right choice and at 10:40 in the morning there are -2 °C, but also a nice sun that warms every single centimeter of my body.

Cielo domenica 8 gennaio 2017

My training plan is simple: 5km easy run, 10 times x 200 meters and other 5km easy run. I hate when I cross the same street more than a time, so I’m inspired to try a new course. The result of my training is: 7km easy run, 11 times x 200 meters and 5km easy run. Not bad.

In the first 8 days of this years I’ve run 100km, I could not do better even if I was a contestant at the TV show “The price is right“.