On the sixth week of the year my workout plan is quite simple: 3 runs in the first 3 days of the week, because from Thursday till Sunday I’ll be in Austria.

On Monday I have my first run: 12km at a recovery jog pace. Despite the rain, my running buddy Luna is trotting alongside me. For a couple of days it has been at home and now it needs to burn off energy.

Corsa su sentiero

On Tuesday I have a nice progressive run. I begin running at a slow, easy pace and finish at a fast pace. Finally on Wednesday I enjoy the sunny day with another run at an easy pace.

My running sessions in Italy are done and on Tuesday I begin a small adventure in Austria. My friend Marco and me go to the Biathlon World Championships in Hochfilzen (Austria).

Hotel Lintner Lofer

Car travel takes 5 hours to reach Lofer, a small town between the state of Tyrol and the state of Salzburg. During the travel we assist to a demonstration of the local police strictness. We get a fine because we exceed the speed limit.

For this 4 days we stay in a characteristic hotel, that remembers me the Psyco movie’s motel. But in this case, the proprietor is a nice old man that is happy to speak with us in Italian.

From Friday we enjoy the festive atmosphere of biathlon. We sing, dance and quaff few beers. Italy just miss the podium by 0.2 seconds with Lisa Vittozzi that finished fourth and Federica Sanfilippo, another Italian athlete in fifth position. We celebrate these great results at Medal Plaza during the medal ceremony.

On Saturday morning, I have a 14km run. I have downloaded a GPS running route from Movescount, so I can have a workout also in Austria. It’s very cold, but the rising sun warms my skin.

The men’s 10k sprint is a great “battle” between the Norwegian and the German athlete. The victory goes to Benedikt Doll: the german guy. There is a huge celebration by German fans. On Sunday morning Germany wins another gold medal with Laura Dahlmeier that wins women’s pursuit. After this race we came back home, before the last race of the week: the men’s pursuit.

I’m very happy to have the chance to run also in Austria, because without the GPS running route, I would never had a great training.