The last week of February starts with a resting day. In the last weekend there were lovely sunny days and it seemed that spring would come earlier this year. But it was only an illusion, because on Monday and on Tuesday everything is covered by fog.

As usual my weekly running workouts begin on Tuesday with a 15km run at an easy pace, while on Wednesday I have interval-training 4 x 3.000 meters.

Tracciato giro in biciAlso Thursday is a foggy day, but it doesn’t frighten me and I take my second cycling ride of the year. In 2016 I’ve rediscover the pleasure of cycling, but in the first two months of 2017, it was too cold to go outside.

Friday is another grey day and to better enjoy my run, I go out with my running buddy Luna. She’s one and half years old, but she’s living with us since 6 months. In the first two month it wasn’t so easy because she was very agitated, but now she’s a quiet well-trained dog and for me it’s a pleasure running with her. Who knows, maybe one day we will have a race together.

Saturday sun is not shy like in the other days of the week. Instead of my resting day I decide to take a 30km ride to loosen a little bit my muscles. There are a lot of people that are enjoying this sunny day with a run or a walk. It looks like they’re waking up from their four month winter slumber.

Selfie Post giro in bici

Sunday is a runday and this one is special, because I’m going to run at “Marcia della Magnolia” at Tribano, where there are 4 different routes: 7, 12, 20 and 30 kilometers. The last one suits perfect with my training plan.

When I arrive I immediately meet my friend Marco. We’re a little bit late, but there is no rush. Before the run, we chat a little bit. He has a big goal this year, takingpart in the 100km del Passatore, one of the most famous italian ultramarathon run. Today he has an easy run and when we start running, our paths diverge.

I diligently do my workout and I finish my last stride in front of an abusive refreshment. I have to run only 4km more at an easy pace, so I taste the deliciousness of two pieces of sausages with polenta, a slice of salami and a glass of red wine. (I know this isn’t healthy food for a runner, but when there is an abusive refreshment you have to live up to organizers expectations).

When I restart my run, I meet Adris, a longtime friend. We run last 4 kilometers together at an easy pace. At the finish line I meet Davide with bib 001, that is quick to take a picture.

After a couple of minutes I also meet Andrea, Gianluca and Stefano. We are the legendary Trail A-Team. We chat a little bit and before the goodbye, we make a toast.