The seventh week of 2017 starts with a lovely sunny day. Maybe Saint Candelora‘s weather forecast was accurate and we are out of the winter!

After the small trip of the last week in Austria, my running workouts start on Tuesday, with a 12 km run at an easy pace in a beautiful spring day.

On Wednesday I repeat the same route, but my pace is faster: I run for 12km at 4’03″/km. I’m very happy because this is the sign that my training is paying off. Also on Wednesday the sun is shining in the sky and it is a pleasure breathing the fresh spring air.

Corsa con cane LunaOn Thursday we have the fourth sunny day in a row so I run 15km at an easy pace with my running buddy Luna. During the workout Luna finds the time to play with other four legged friends, but she goes wild when we have only 3 more kilometers. She meets another dog and they start running like two gazelles. At the end she dives into the river to cool down.

On Friday we come back in winter with a grey foggy day. I have a rest day, and I hope that the weather on the weekend will be better.

My hopes are realized and on Saturday I can enjoy the sunny day. With my friend Stefano we have a really nice trail running workout in the Euganean Hills. During our run we stop to snap some pictures with other friends that we meet along the way, like Andrea that is running and Mario that is riding his new mountain bike.

Sunday is always a runday. In this day I have a lovely workout: a long trail running session. For this kind of training I have to go to Arquà Petrarca to run my favourite route: Sentiero Atestino. I start my run with my father Silvio that is with his e-bike. We try to pull the sword from the stone, but we’re unsuccessful.

When we reach Arquà Petrarca’ center, our paths diverge. I run for 27km and Silvio rides for 74km, but both we end up doing 1.300 meters of climbing.

From the beginning of the year I’ve run 500 kilometers. I feel very good and I’m really curious about what time I’ll get in my next race: Treviso Marathon.